The Ultimate

[Unfair] Hiring Edge

for Senior Managers

Qorums is a Hiring Process Management System (HPMS) that provides a customized all-on-one screen centralized platform that solves many of the challenges of the hiring process.

Qorums was designed and built by talent management professionals to take the cumbersome interviewing and decision process, speed it up and provide HR detailed insight, for the first time. Qorums reduces overall cost by making the interview process simple and managable. Qorums increases selection accuracy by providing HR and hiring managers with all the data they need in one place.

Everything required to have great interviews – all on one screen.

Candidate resume, Linkedin profile, the job description, candidate history, sample questions, notepad, scoring sliders and voting selection, all at your fingertips.

Make real-time decisions – and react when top talent is identified

One stop view of every team member’s votes on every candidate. Quick view of the schedule and who is holding it up. Drill down to more detail, and it’s all on one screen.

qorums progress summary screen

Analytical, balanced hiring team feedback to make better hiring decisions

No more “loudest voice in the room”. Every team member’s feedback is adjusted to recognize their skill in that topic. Hiring managers can feel sure that a hiring decision is balanced.

qorums audit screen

Everything senior managers need to know about every hiring situation – all on one screen, in real-time

Managers who need to know the hiring situation in all of their departments, locations, divisions, or companies can see exactly what’s happening. No more being kept in the dark.

qorums dashboard

What the experts say:

“Qorums provides the input you’ll need to implement effective and bias free AI candidate sourcing and implementation.”

Christine Eckhaus

Chief Business & People Officer at CLIPr AWS, MuleSoft, Workday. Deploying AI with a Human Touch to Empower Intelligent Business and Creativity. Leveling Up People and Talent.

“The key to swift and accurate hiring lies in data-backed decision-making that minimizes group deliberation, and Qorums delivers precisely that.”

Gregg Tate

Coach, Mentor & Advisor to HR Professionals – Retired Global HR Leader. Former SVP-HR – adidas AG

“Qorums addresses the most crucial, but the least well managed part of hiring. More important, Qorums gives you the data you’ll need to implement the new AI tools that will change hiring forever.”

Tracy Rowland

Global Human Capital Strategist | Fractional Chief People Executive * OCM & Talent Architect * Executive Advisor | Leadership Development.

“Qorums is a powerful tool, providing a structured and efficient approach that will undoubtedly allow companies to select the right candidate for their organizations more quickly, with data to support their decisions.”

Julia Berchem

People Business Partner and Executive & Leadership CoachPeople & Culture manager to the FISCAL org: CFO, CIO, CISO, and General Counsel.