The Ultimate

[Unfair] Hiring Edge

for Hiring Managers

Qorums is a Hiring Process Management System (HPMS) that provides a customized all-on-one screen centralized platform that solves many of the challenges of the hiring process.

Qorums was designed and built by talent management professionals to take the cumbersome interviewing and decision process, speed it up and provide HR detailed insight, for the first time. Qorums reduces overall cost by making the interview process simple and managable. Qorums increases selection accuracy by providing HR and hiring managers with all the data they need in one place.

Interviews, made easy

Managing the interviewing process at arms length is a nightmare. Members of your hiring team go off-topic, forget to ask important questions, take scant notes, miss interviews and forget to send you feedback.

With Qorums, with one click everything an interviewer needs is in one place, on one screen. One click and they have video right there on the platform. Suggested questions, the candidate’s profile, a place for notes, and simple scoring sliders. All in one place.

They have to provive feedback while the interview is going on, and score the candidate on all your important required skills. Plus, all this is available to you the moment the interview is completed, and the proprietary Qorums algorithm recalculates aggregated team scores for every skill, for every candidate. No more guessing, no more wasted time.

Interviews, made easy.

Hiring Management, made easy

Everything you need, all in one place.

Managing the hiring interviewing process is a nightmare. Tracking and monitoring hiring teams is like herding rabbits.

Qorums gives you one main screen that shows the status of every team member and every candidate. Cumbersome interview rounds are converted into a real-time flow that saves valuable time.

One additional click allows you to see all the feedback from each team member, and their voting and scores for every required skill. The Qorums proprietary algorithm adjusts scores to emphasize team experts.

Hiring management, made easy.

qorums progress summary screen

Analytical, balanced hiring team feedback to make better hiring decisions

No more “loudest voice in the room”. Every team member’s feedback is adjusted to recognize their skill in that topic. Hiring managers can feel sure that a hiring decision is balanced.

qorums audit screen

Everything senior managers need to know about every hiring situation – all on one screen, in real-time

Managers who need to know the hiring situation in all of their departments, locations, divisions, or companies can see exactly what’s happening. No more being kept in the dark.

qorums dashboard